Digital Video: Camera and Sound, 7 Online Sessions, Starts 1/24/24

Learn to shoot great moving imagery and record high-quality audio to create engaging stories! This class provides a technical and conceptual foundation for digital video production. Students gain and hone camera skills including exposure, focus and composition, as well as the basics of sound capture for video.

​This course covers the aesthetic and technical skills needed to construct scenes visually and aurally – applicable to all filmmaking genres. The language and techniques of camera and sound work will be presented, exercised, and evaluated in terms of their aesthetic quality, editabilty and impact on story and/or conceptual goals.

Schedule: 7 Wednesdays, 1/24 – 3/06, 6:30-9:30pm EST

Price: $550

Location: Online via Zoom

Host: MassArt Continuing Education

Instructor: Michael Sheridan

Prerequisites: None



Equipment Requirements:
Students will use the equipment available to them, whether it is a phone, DSLR or video camera. A tripod is highly recommended. Audio recording gear is not required, but a shotgun microphone, wireless lavalier kit and headphones that can connect to your video recording device will be useful, if available. For equipment recommendations see Sheridan’s ‘low(er)-budget’ production package. External hard drives are recommended for backing up the footage you shoot. To learn more, see External Hard Drive Recommendations.

Questions? Please email us or call 617-834-7206