Vimeo: New SheridanWorks Films

Documentary production allows me the opportunity to observe and consider the processes of human interaction and change. I have produced and worked on films for international agencies including Oxfam and Save the Children, TV networks such as National Geographic and PBS and for Museums. My work has been recognized by, among others, the Columbia International Film and Video Festival, the United Nations Association Film Festival and EarthVision.

social documentary

view project A Fair Share

An emotional journey to the heart of hunger in America. This film follows a working-class family in Massachusetts, as they struggle against homelessness and hunger in a booming economy.

1999, 12 min

view project Community

A young Bangladeshi couple transform themselves from beggars to business people and in conjunction with many of their fellow villagers, simultaneously establish new roles and relationships for men and women. Narrated by National Public Radio host Susan Stamberg.

1996, 24 min

view project Child's Play

Four children in Sialkot, Pakistan, introduce us to their daily lives and tell us why they work stitching soccer balls.

1997, 12 min

view project Cultivating Opportunity

In the United States and Mozambique poor agricultural communities are developing surprisingly similar solutions to their poverty. Narrated by Steven Curwood, host of National Public Radio's Living on Earth.

1997, 28 min

view project A Time to Act for Family Farms

Farmers and rural activists in California and Minnesota grapple with the problems faced by family farms across the country.

1999, 26 min

view project Time

Two clocks tick to different times -- one to the speed of time and the other to the speed of people dieing from hunger. Narrated by Actor Mike Farrell.

2000, 1:43 min

cultural documentary

view project Conversations

A video installation and documentary produced in conjunction with the show Chairs at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The video captures the movement of dynamic minds, sensual objects and intense photographs.

2005, two versions: 6 and 56 min