Documentary Filmmaking Courses – Starting 1/5/22 – Register Now

Filmmaking Fundamentals 10 week course 3/1/22

Learn the fundamentals of documentary storytelling, shooting techniques, visual aesthetics, sound, interviewing and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Storytelling Workshop – 6 Sessions 2/28/22

Discover your identity as a documentary storyteller and focus on the stories that matter most to you and that you can best tell. Learn how to successfully structure compelling narratives with a scene-based, character-driven approach.

Camera and Sound Workshop – 6 Sessions 1/29/22

“The eye sees but the ear imagines.” This course will explore everything that filmmaker Robert Bresson meant with that famous statement. We will learn what it takes to record moving images and sounds that tell engaging stories and stimulate the imagination.

Editing Workshop – 6 Sessions 1/10/22

Learn the principles and techniques of video editing – the backbone of filmmaking.  This workshop will cover the editor’s role as a detail-oriented storyteller, craftsperson, organizer, and technician. Learn how the editor rediscovers and sometimes reinvents our stories.

Projects – Starting 1/5/22

​Bring a documentary filmmaking project that is currently in pre-production, production or post-production for mentoring and instruction in areas of need and interest. The instructor will serve as facilitator and mentor to assist students in their efforts to move their projects forward.

One-on-one Mentoring 

Need some one-on-one project guidance. Are you struggling with story structure? Want to get suggestions for how to improve you camera, sound or editing skills?

Call us to arrange sessions on your own schedule at $65/hour.

Questions? Please email or call 617-834-7206