Community Supported Film

2009 – Current, 30 videos

Community Supported Film (CSFilm) is a non-profit organization started by Michael Sheridan in 2009 to amplify local voices in under- and mis-represented communities to effectively communicate their lived realities through documentary filmmaking.

CSFilm has worked in Afghanistan, Haiti and with immigrants and refugees in the United States.

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Excerpt from Haitian filmmaker Bichara Villarson’s Owned and Occupied, part of the Owning Our Future: Haitian Perspectives in Film film collection.
Excerpt from Afghan filmmaker Aqeela Rezai’s The Road Above, part of The Fruit of Our Labor: Afghan Perspectives in Film film collection.
Excerpt from Dominican filmmaker Rafael DeLeon’s She’s an American Child, part of the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) film collection.
These films are made to stimulate dialogue. Here is an excerpt from a New Immigrant and Refugee Visions Screen&Discuss event.