videosonic art  |  sound art  |  installation and performance art

As a journalistic artist, my videosonic, sonic, installation and performance art address issues of human social development and the tipping point between order and chaos.

videosonic art

view project Instant Noodles

In Instant Noodles the precision and timelessness of traditional Indonesian dance is used as a contrasting lament for our careless consumption and the permanent damage caused by our desire for immediate satisfaction.

2008, 8 min

view project Mixed Blessings

A public-art installation that activates the “fourth wall” - the plane between the stage and the audience. Video imagery is constructed to fit the windows facing the diners at the Channel CafĂ©.

2007, 28 min

view project Feeding the Fire

A multi-projection installation with sound. A low-income family in India tends a fire from before dawn through the preparation of their main meal - which is accidentally spilled into the fire.

2005, 173 min

view project Shift

A videosonic projection of first two bodies and then one asleep under sheets. The movement of the forms speak to the complexity of companionship, intimacy and loss.

2005, 4 min

view project Counter Crisis

Counter Crisis captures the human tendency to shirk responsibility and avoid the root-causes of problems until disaster requires heroic responses.

2004, 5:30 min

view project Forsaken Prayers

Using footage and sound elements captured from throughout Africa and South Asia, this piece creates a visceral experience of the repetitive actions that fill the lives of most of the world's people.

2001, 5:30 min

sound art

view project Certain Uncertainty

A sound composition created from recordings of an ensemble asked to sigh uncertainly and to slap their hands with certainty.

2005, 4:50 min

view project xcape

xcape is a quadraphonic experience of the space between the known and the unknowable where we experience the worst and fail to act heroically.

2004, 5:30 min

installation and performance art

view project Distant Views
Culture Catchers

An installation of exposed electronics which creates an interactive multi-channel sound experience broadcasting short-wave radio signals from around the world.


view project Reunion

In Reunion I perform an act of destabilization with an 8' tall stack of large wood blocks. The performance is directed by a sound composition inspired by my experiences of instability in families, institutions and societies.

2003, 18 min