Projects – Starting 1/5/22

​Bring a documentary filmmaking project that is currently in pre-production, production or post-production for mentoring and instruction in areas of need and interest. The instructor will facilitate discussions, exercises, and feedback that will push projects forward.

In-class time will focus first on group review and critique of each other’s projects. Based on needs and interests, individuals and groups will then get specific pre, pro or post- production training. Critiques will evolve into screening of works-in-progress. Students will learn from the development of each other’s projects.

Schedule: Meeting roughly every 2 weeks

Section 1: Every 2nd Wednesday: 1/5, 19; 2/2, 16; 3/2;

Section 2: Every 2nd Thursday 3/10, 24; 4/7, 28; 5/12


Price: Each section: $350

Location: SheridanWorks, 33 Lenox Street, Boston, MA 02118

Instructor: Michael Sheridan

Prerequisites: Filmmaking project in development. Previous production and editing experience as needed.

Questions? Please email us or call 857-415-0564.


To register please fill out this Registration Form and pay for the course(s) via PayPal below.  You are not registered until we receive both your registration form and payment. If you are taking multiple courses you only need to fill out one registration form. Thank you.

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